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Important notice... if you just purchased a 3-Prong Hawaii pole spear or selected other items be sure to visit our FAQ page for more info click here.



  • May 2014-- New Maui Fishing Supply, (808) 244-3449, 1823 Wells St Suite 4 Wailuku, HI 96793 now selling selected 3-Prong Hawaii products.

  • September 2013-- J. Hara Store (Oahu), (808) 737-7702, 3221 Waialae Ave, Honolulu, HI 96816 now selling selected 3-Prong Hawaii products.

  • April 2013-- New web page "Trophy/Record Catches". Posted on this web page are divers who have landed trophy/record catches using our 3-Prong Hawaii products click here.

  • April 2013-- New web page "Photo Gallery". Posted on this web page are miscellaneous photos click here.

  • December 2012-- All About Fish, (808) 669-1710, 3600 Lower Honoapiilani Rd. Lahaina, HI 96761 now selling selected 3-Prong Hawaii products.

  • July 2012-- Renowned Spearfisher Wendell Ko landed a 188# AHI with his custom painted blue water speargun. Click here to see a photo of Wendell's awesome catch.

  • May 2012- We have been finding out from divers who are using our Competition 3-Prong Head that in many cases even though fish has escaped off of this head they soon die shortly after because as the fish frees itself off of the prong with the stub barb it subjects itself to some serious damage to internal organs on the way out. The best way to describe this is if you were to have a fish hook lodged into your flesh with the barb buried in and try to pull it out, the barb will tear flesh, bone, etc on the way out. So when using this head and a fish escapes after a well placed shot, spend a little time in the area to see if the fish has died or weakened and if so you can retrieve it. Most of the time while reef diving an injured fish will immediately seek hiding in a hole/cave but as it nears death it will want to come out into the open to die.     

  • March 2012- Renowned Spearfisher Hanalei Adric is testing a prototype "ULUA" 8' Break-down Pole Spear rigged for complete separation from our SlipShaft™ KT-281S-CS Break-away Head. Hanalei is a spearfisher who has just about "done it all" when it comes to using a speargun while free diving to land fish. He was looking for the "next" more difficult challenge for personal satisfaction so he asked me if I could design a Pole Spear solution that he can use to shoot big game around reefs and also use it in blue water with minimum risk to breaking the pole spear itself. I came up with a prototype design that I felt would suite his needs which used most of our current items we produce with a few modifications. This design which is in fact a complete system I am calling "Pole Spear Complete Separation System". The basic explanation of the Pole Spear Complete Separation System is that when a fish is speared using this system the pole spear has the capability to completely separate from the break-away head which is connected to a dive float by a leash/tether line. Very similar to how a speargun is often setup for big game blue water hunting where once a fish is speared the speargun completely separates from the spearshaft + shooting line + tag/float line + etc. The prototype ULUA Pole Spear I produced for Hanalei is similar to our KUMU model with the exception of stronger overall construction making it more heavy. The primary goal of the ULUA Pole Spear is not make it super light weight but rather have it be more durable for shooting big game although our KUMU model pole spear will work just fine in the Pole Spear Complete Separation System. Our SlipShaft™ KT-Break-away Head is a perfect fit for this system as it has the advantage of not having to completely pass through the fish to work unlike the toggle type of break-away head. This advantage can be realized when considering a Pole Spear does not have the amount of power to punch/pass completely through big game like spearguns can. We have a YouTube video of Hanalei using the "Pole Spear Complete Separation System" for the very first time visit the following link to see http://youtu.be/L13bruyODTY

  • March 2012-- J. Hara Store (Big Island), 808-966-5462, 17-343 Volcano Rd., Kurtistown, HI 96760 now selling selected 3-Prong Hawaii products.


  • January 2011-- Waipouli Variety, 808-822-1014, 4-901 Kuhio Hwy, Kapaa HI, 96746 now selling selected 3-Prong Hawaii products.

  • November 2011- Our new Online Retail Store launched on November 11, 2011. Be sure to visit as most of our popular 3-Prong Hawaii and SlipShaftproducts are posted. Click here to enter our store.

  • October 2011- Newly developed adapter by SlipShaft™ called KT Break-away Head to Pole Spear Adapter allows for converting of 3-Prong Hawaii Pole Spears to use SlipShaft™ technology and the KT Break-away Head while providing a high level of protection against damage to the Pole Spear itself after shooting large open water fish because of SlipShaft™'s Patent Pending revolutionary design. For divers seeking a more challenging method to spear blue water fish rather than using a spear gun this is the solution for you! Visit http://www.slipshaft.com/products.htm for more info.


  • July 2011-- I have been hearing more often from divers about converting their small spear guns to one with a shaft that has a 3-prong head. My initial thought when I heard of such a thing about a year or so ago is why? Just use a pole spear with three prong head I thought to myself. It is my understanding that this setup has been around for quite awhile (maybe over 35 years) and really don't know the 1st person to do such a thing but I can tell you that he/she was ahead of their time. This setup has been gaining more popularity a least from my knowledge of talking to divers due to it's benefits while diving. Some of these benefits are; no sore hand, fit into small/awkward holes, shoot in holes with little chance of getting stuck, great back up gun, etc.


    Why I say this is gaining popularity is because in the past several weeks I have converted countless spear guns for friends to use a shaft with a 3-prong head and all divers swear that this setup works extremely well. They add that its really fun to use, swear its the Kumu & Roi killer hands down and passionately love it.


    So after hearing all the great reviews from divers who use a 3-prong gun I decided to make one for myself to try out and used my 80cm Beuchat to do so. I was able to take mine out on the 4th of July weekend for the 1st time and wow was I really impressed. Shot some Menpachi's, Moana an Enenui and even disconnected the shaft from my gun to take out a Tako. The great thing is I also tried out my under water camera and got some footage of my dive using the 3-prong spear gun.


    The biggest difference is that I made myself a carbon fiber shafted spear which in theory I would need less power to propel the shaft. My intensions were to use one power band and have a gun that had little recoil to improve accuracy plus cocking one power band 30 to 100 times a day or more is much easier than two. Well mission accomplished and then some in my opinion. The carbon fiber 3-prong shaft I produce may not be available in stores so if you are interested in one or want more info I have a short video clip on the shaft's performance in action and specs posted on my "Products" web page (click here to be redirected then scroll to the bottom of the page to view clip) for you to check out. This shaft I am naming 281 CF Spear Gun Shaft w/3-Prong Head.


    If the carbon fiber shaft doesn't suit your taste don't worry I also have resellers who carry my 3-prong heads designed to slip over popular small spear gun shaft sizes (1/4", 17/64", 6.5mm & 7mm) and secured with a little epoxy glue in which you can purchase and install yourself at home to convert your spear shaft to one with a 3-prong head.


  • June 2011-- 2008 National Spearfishing Champion Kimi Werner went 3-pronging with Time Bandit Captain Andy Hillstrand one of the stars on Discovery channel's hit TV series Deadliest Catch. Kimi used her custom 3-Prong Hawaii Pole Spear and Captain Andy tried it out as well. Their fun dive will be featured on a show called "After the Catch" which will air on Tuesday July 12 on Discovery channel. Click here to see more photos of Kimi and Captain Andy.

  • February 2011-- Surf n Sea, 1-800-899-7873, 62-595 Kamehameha Hwy, Haleiwa, HI 96712 now selling selected 3-Prong Hawaii products.

  • June 2010-- Hanapa'a Fishing Company, (808) 845-1856, 1733 Dillingham Blvd., Honolulu, Hawaii 96819 now selling selected 3-Prong Hawaii products.

  • June 2010-- Maui Sporting Goods Spearfish, (808) 735-3897, 851 Kapahulu Ave, Honolulu, HI 96816 & Maui Sporting Goods, Inc. (808) 244-0011, 92 N. Market Street, WailukuHI 96793 now selling selected 3-Prong Hawaii products.




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My other web site www.dirtyhandscollection.com

Important notice... if you just purchased a 3-Prong Hawaii pole spear or selected other items be sure to visit our FAQ page for more info click here.